Algebraic Groups and Representations


June 2, 2014 to July 11, 2014

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This program intends to cover both the basics of and recent advances in the theory of algebraic groups and their representations. It is meant for a large audience, from graduate students to experts in the subject.

Algebraic groups stand at the meeting point of group theory and algebraic geometry. Their structure over an arbitrary field has been studied in depth by C. Chevalley, A. Borel and J. Tits, but it is only with the recent work of B. Conrad, O. Gabber and G. Prasad that the situation became well-understood in full generality. A large amount of (classical) representation theory relies on the combinatorics describing this structure (highest weight theory). Besides, geometric methods pervade representation theory since their introduction by A. Borel and A. Weil and the fundamental work of G. Lusztig; in particular, they lie at the heart of recent progress on the understanding of modular representations.


Michel Brion (IF, Grenoble), Philippe Gille (ICJ, Lyon), Bertrand Rémy (ICJ, Lyon), Nicolas Ressayre (ICJ, Lyon), Amaury Thuillier (ICJ, Lyon)

Scientific Committee

Michel Brion, Brian Conrad (Stanford), Philippe Gille, Bertrand Rémy, Nicolas Ressayre, Wolfgang Soergel (Freiburg), Amaury Thuillier

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